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At the Nation we do whatever we can to help you realize your vision.  We can handle your production management (including script breakdown, budgeting and scheduling); location services, equipment rental, casting, and hiring your crew.

Small project?  We can do those entirely in house, or just the part you need completed.

Here's a list of the gear that comes with our 16' Grip and Electric Truck. 
We also have:
  • LitePanels Astra LEDs
  • Dana Dolly Kit
  • 30' crane
  • Western dolly and track
  • SDI production monitors
  • HD Camera Packages
  • Lavaliere Microphones
  • Audio Gear
  • TelePrompTer
  • Kino car kit
  • And lots more!
Don't see what you need?  Hit us up, we may have it under the couch.


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